“Beauty rituals are the moments of self care that punctuate our life.
Don’t waste a moment using a product that doesn’t make you feel good, looking good will come as a result.”


An online guide to natural beauty for the modern and discerning individual.

Beauty Aestate is a platform to spotlight and showcase natural beauty brands with a purpose; products that deliver results, utilising high quality ingredients, crafted with an ethical and sustainable approach.

Guided by the principles of authenticity and integrity, Beauty Aestate is committed to helping readers navigate the spectrum of natural beauty products and “clean up” their routine. Honest and unbiased content is created to help readers connect with brands that solve their specific beauty dilemmas or discover the latest holy grail product they cannot live without.

Beauty Aestate offers a fresh perspective on natural beauty, celebrating diversity and empowering readers to embrace their own natural beauty.



After more than 10 years of working in the beauty industry, Claudine put down her mascara wand in search of an exciting new opportunity. During a personal health overhaul she explored various elements of holistic diet and lifestyle and gravitated toward using natural beauty products as a result, she hasn’t looked back!

Beauty Aestate has had many incarnations in her mind, but the concept has always remained the same - to give voice to natural beauty brands that deliver on their promise whilst maintaining a social and environmental conscience.

Claudine is a self proclaimed natural beauty aficionado who loves the hunt for new and innovative products that are changing the game. She is drawn to qualitative ingredients, powerful formulations, covetable packaging and clever design.

Her holy grail product is a powerhouse serum (more to come on this!) and her favourite self care ritual is dry body brushing, followed by applying an invigorating oil in the shower and setting her intention for the day.

Her other loves include her husband Michael and son Raphael, a good coffee (double shot almond milk latte, always), Molly Ringwald movies, and the lingering scent of the Murraya in her backyard after the rain.