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Hair Heroes

Hair Heroes

Natural hair care is arguably the most difficult natural category to commit to.  Over time we have become accustomed to using shampoos that froth and foam, conditioner that leaves hair instantly smooth and detangled and styling products that coat the hair to add gloss, shine, weight and texture.

There are many natural hair care brands that combine botanical ingredients which are effective in cleansing, hydrating and treating hair but fall over when it comes to manageability.  By that I mean leaving hair soft, smooth and ready to be styled.  Personally,  I have dry and colour treated hair which is prone to frizz so it was important for me to find natural products that improved the overall health, condition and strength of my hair making it easier and quicker to style (win!).

After years of trial, the following is a round up of my favourite natural products that have seen me through changes in hair colour and growth and texture before and after having a baby.


Good hair is a mix of genetics, diet and how you look after it.  Using a good quality shampoo and conditioner (approximately 2-3 times per week) is imperative for maintaining the latter.  I have found that applying shampoo to the scalp area, then popping my head back under the shower briefly to wet the hair & product helps to activate the formula before giving my scalp a thorough massage.  The massage helps promote blood circulation which in turn invigorates the hair follicle, this is a crucial step for helping the health of your hair and avoiding hair loss and one that I find many people often skip.  A less is more approach to conditioner on the lengths is recommended for those with curly, frizzy or limp hair.  Leaving the product on for an extended period will help to replenish dry and damaged tresses.

We LOVE Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner and Grown Alchemist Detox Shampoo and Conditioner


A hair treatment is beneficial to all hair types particularly leave-in varieties which double as a protectant against heat styling.  Coat the hair and comb back into low bun or pony tail for an added layer of protection before exposure to the sun, sea or pool.

We LOVE Rahua Finishing Treatment


This product has given me some of my best messy, undone hair looks courtesy of hair that was in desperate need of a wash and a limited amount of time to get ready.  I part hair and sprinkle a tiny amount in 5 places across my scalp then spend some time working it in and giving hair some volume and lift with my fingers.  You can wear hair out or scoop up into a mid pony or bun with lots of volume and texture. 

We LOVE One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo


Over time repeated use of styling products coupled with the residue from shampoo and conditioner causes build up on your scalp and hair.  Product build up causes hair to look limp and dull as it weighs the hair down.  Switching to natural hair care will certainly help to reduce this problem and introducing a scalp care product into your regular routine will not only eliminate build up but keep your scalp and hair healthy.

We LOVE Hairprint Exfoliating Hair + Scalp Wash

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Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last