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What is Natural Beauty

What is Natural Beauty

Hello Beauty!

Thank goodness you're here.  It means you're interested in natural beauty and that is a great place to start.  Let us catch you up on where it all began…

The natural beauty market has been growing and evolving at a super quick pace for the past decade or so.  Largely led by movements in the health and wellness industry; organic food, alternative diets, a zero tolerance for animal cruelty, the introduction of superfood ingredients and a growing concern over the build up of chemical and synthetic toxins in our lifestyle; the natural beauty industry was born.

Natural brands are predominantly made up of plant (flower, fruit, herb, nut, seed) based ingredients and are just as easily defined by what they don’t contain - synthetic colour and fragrance, parabens, SLS, phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, toluene, propylene glycol and the list goes on - anything deemed toxic to the body.

The use of plant based ingredients has been around for as long as history has been documented, from medicine to skin care, the uses are endless.  Some of the most effective remedies my parents used on me as a child; a slathering of aloe vera from our cactus on sunburn and a massage of sweet almond oil on my dry and flaky scalp; were natural and derived from plants. 

Here are the main reasons why natural and plant based ingredients are proving so effective in providing a range of results from healing to detoxification to anti ageing and nourishing skin, hair and body often in harmony with the mind:

  1. Plant based ingredients are proven to penetrate the skin quickly and effectively.  
  2. Some plant based ingredients are close in molecular structure to the oil in our own skin giving them the ability to be absorbed more deeply into the skin’s layers.
  3. Natural ingredients are gentle on the skin and far less likely to cause irritation or allergic reaction than chemical and synthetic formulations.
  4. Natural ingredients work with the skin’s natural oils and do not strip them creating dehydration, sensitivity, breakouts and an imbalance in the skin’s PH level.
  5. Many natural products utilise essential oils which in addition to their purpose in the formula, also provide an aromatherapy experience for the user be it calming, uplifting or invigorating.

Driven by a growing interest from consumers in recent years, there has been a real advancement in the quality of ingredients and efficacy of formulations from some natural skincare, hair care and make up brands that are trail blazing the industry with products that perform.  Naturally, (no pun intended) there has been a proliferation of “natural brands” looking to ride on the wave of consumer buzz and thanks to a largely unregulated industry many brands ingredient lists do not support their claim of being natural. 

Beauty Aestate has the intention to guide you through the world of natural beauty and introduce to its greatest stars.

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