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Peachy Clean

Peachy Clean

Make up trends come and go but there is one look that never seems to lose popularity - glowing skin.  It is true that perfectly matched foundation and highlighter can do wonders for achieving this look but I find that the colour you apply to your eyes, cheeks and lips is the game changer if you really want that natural and healthy glow.  It is the colour in fact, not the texture of the products you choose, that makes the real difference so go with your preference for cream, fluid or powder make up.

For some time now my Instagram and Pinterest feeds have been filled with radiant faces, you know the ones; luminous, sun kissed, are you even wearing make up skin? I thank @aniamilczarczyk and @tobimakeup for feeding my obsession with lots of groomed, natural and peach hued visages.  What I also noticed was the variety of complexions that benefited in the same way from these peachy tones, they all had “that glow.”

What makes peach so versatile?  It is made up of pink, red, orange and yellow undertones so it basically suits everyone.  It also has a softness and warmth that can help lift tired, dull and uneven skin tones creating a fresher and more youthful appearance (this sleep deprived mother needs help on all counts).

So, what is the best way to achieve this look?  

1.  Start with your preferred natural foundation or skip it if you love to wear bare skin (high 5 to you!).  We LOVE rms beauty “un” cover up and Inika Organic Liquid Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid

natural peach make up kosas velvet melon.jpg

2.  Apply a dab (just a tiny dab) of cream or fluid highlighter to the high points of your face (cheekbones, browbones, end of your nose and cupids bow if you like).  We LOVE Kosås Color & Light Creme in Velvet Melon and Inika Organic Light Reflect Cream.

natural make up kosas velvet melon.jpg

3.  Apply your favourite natural mascara and clean up any black smudges with a cotton tip.  We LOVE Kjaer Weis Mascara.

natural make up rms beauty lip2cheek smile.jpg

4.  Now its time to have fun with colour.  You can choose to apply your selected peach shade to eyes, cheeks, lips or all three.  The best way to do this is choose where you want the colour to pop - eyes OR lips - and keep your other features subtle with a soft wash of colour.  There are so many amazing multi-tasking products on the market so if you are lazy or time poor, choose a 3 in 1 like rms beauty lip2cheek and simply pat, dab and swipe colour where you would like it and build up to your chosen intensity. Easy peasy!

natural peach make up rms beauty lip2cheek smile.jpg

This would have to be my most favoured make up look for day but it can just as easily be vamped up for night (a smoky bronzed or rich ochre eye would really set this look off).

Here are the best natural make up picks to create your own Peachy Clean look:

Fair Complexion

For the ultimate peaches and cream face go for soft, pastel shades of peach and melon to create a fresh and luminous look.

Try:  Kosås Color & Light Creme in Velvet MelonKjaer Weis Cream Blush in Embrace and Olio e Osso No. 2 in French Melon.

Olive Complexion

Tropical shades of peach like coral and salmon pink look divine on olive, tanned and yellow based complexions.

Try:  rms beauty lip2cheek in smile, Kosås Color & Light Creme in Papaya 1972, karen.murrell Lipstick in Coral Dawn

Dark Complexion

Darker skin is amplified by deeper hues of the peach family, think fruity brights like tangerine and apricot.

Try: Inika Baked Mineral Blush in Burnt Peach, Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Joyful and Ilia Lipstick in Voila.

Photography by Taylor Kezia  and make up looks from Pinterest
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